Moravian Day of Giving 2024

Moravian Day of Giving

Give. Unite. Inspire.

In the spirit of collective commitment and thoughtful generosity, Moravians across America are gearing up for the fourth annual Moravian Day of Giving – a day that transcends individual contributions to make a combined impact, this year held on February 13th.

The Moravian Day of Giving is an opportunity for Moravians to make unexpected gifts above and beyond their regular tithe or pledge. On the Day, individuals are encouraged to utilize the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America (MMFA)’s online Giving Portal to contribute to their church, Moravian agencies, or ministries that ignite passion and resonate with their values.

Timed to coincide with Mardi Gras, this event serves as a collective expression of gratitude and a commitment to make a positive impact. Last year, the Moravian Day of Giving raised over $220,000 in one day!

Why Participate?


This unique opportunity allows us to contribute to the well-being of our beloved Moravian community, be it your congregation, a Moravian ministry, or a Field of Interest Fund (FOI). The focus extends beyond financial gifts, emphasizing the power of unity in our community, echoing the teachings of scripture and the foundational principles of the Moravian faith.

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have identified matching donors for ALL of the Moravian Field of Interest Funds, up to $2,500 per fund. These sponsors are deeply committed to the specific service areas represented by the FOI Funds. We invite you to partner with us and donate to the field of interest funds on the Day of Giving.  This will help us unlock the matching contributions of $2,500 for each of the 8 FOI funds.

Additionally, MMFA will grant $2,500 to the 5 Moravian organizations (churches, agencies, camps, etc.) with the most unique individual donors.


What could your ministry do with $2,500?



How to Participate:


  • Make a Donation: Visit the Moravian Giving Portal to contribute to your congregation, ministry, or organization on Tuesday, February 13th.
  • Support Field of Interest Funds: Contribute to our Field of Interest Funds, unlocking matching contributions of $2,500 for each of the 8 funds. In honor of MMFA’s 25th anniversary, we challenge everyone to donate at least $25 to one of our FOI funds so that we can reach the matching contribution for each fund!
  • Spread the Spirit on Social Media: Use #IGiveMoravian to share your reasons for giving and inspire others to join the day of generosity.


Stories of Impact and Inspiration:


Starting in January, we will showcase #IGiveMoravian stories on Facebook and Instagram. These incredible “why” stories will enlighten and inspire you to participate in this year’s Moravian Day of Giving.


Reflect and Inspire:


Ask yourself: Why do you give Moravian? Which organizations or ministries tug at your heartstrings? What service areas ignite your passion, where your contribution can truly make a difference?

Let’s come together on Tuesday, February 13th with open hearts and giving spirits!

Give. Unite. INSPIRE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "unique individual donors" mean?

“Unique individual donors” refers to the number of distinct individuals who donate on the Moravian Day of Giving. Each donor is counted only once, regardless of the number of times they contribute or the amount of their contributions.

If a donor contributes to both their home congregation and Moravian agency on the Moravian Giving Portal, that person will be counted as one donor for BOTH organizations. With our new Giving Portal processing system, donors are able to donate to more than one organization with one transaction. We encourage you to utilize this function by also donating to one of MMFA’s grant making field of interest funds.

Where does the incentive money come from?

The incentive money, totaling $12,500 for congregations and organizations, comes from your Moravian Ministries Foundation’s operating funds.

Where does the matching money come from?

MMFA identified matching donors for ALL of the Moravian Field of Interest Funds (FOI), up to $2,500 per fund. These sponsors have a deep commitment to the specific service areas represented by the FOI Funds.

What are Field of Interest (FOI) Funds?

Field of Interest Funds honor the best of our Moravian heritage of collective teamwork to serve our communities. Donors who have an interest in a particular type of ministry make financial gifts to the relevant Field of Interest Fund. They do this in faith, knowing that their gift will become part of a grant to a worthy applicant who has a well-vetted plan to do good.

Can I send a check?

Individuals may mail checks to MMFA (119 Brookstown Ave, Suite 305, Winston-Salem, NC 27101). Checks must be postmarked by February 13th and must be made out to MMFA with the specific ministries/organizations written in the memo or attached document.

Can I do a direct debit?

Yes, but credit or debit card is preferred as the cost of processing a direct debit is significantly higher. MMFA covers all fees associated with the Moravian Giving Portal.

In 2023, MMFA changed our database and account software, which includes the Giving Portal. With the new Giving Portal, there is a new layer of security measures when setting up a direct debit. Depending on your bank, this can include logging in to your online banking account through the Stripe portal, confirming the correct account with $0.01 deposit, and other measures. Due to the complexity of this option, we recommend using a debit or credit card when making these one-time donations.

When will we receive the money donated on Day of Giving?

Money received through the Giving Portal on February 13th will be distributed to the churches by March 6th.

When will the winner of the incentive money be announced?

We will announce the organizations who will received the $2,500 for the most unique donors by Thursday, February 29th.

Publicity Materials


Click here to find all the publicity materials for this event, including graphics and bulletin inserts. Email Hanna if you have any issues or questions about these files. If you are unable to print our material, please contact MMFA and we will be more than happy to print publicity packets for you.