How to Apply for a Grant

MMFA awards grants from a number of field of interest funds. Each fund aims to address a specific area of need. Please note the 2024 Grant Cycle Updates below and in the attached document.



  • MMFA accepts grant applications from 501(c)(3)s domiciled in the United States and from Moravian ministries in North American countries. Preference is given to U.S. Moravian congregations, fellowships, agencies, missions, and emerging ministries.
  • Previous recipients may apply for a grant from the same fund every three years*; this means if your last grant award from a fund was prior to or in 2021, you are eligible to apply again in 2024.
  • If you applied for a grant and were not awarded one, you may apply to that fund again at any time.
  • Previous recipients may apply for a grant from a different fund at any time.
  • All applicants will be required to have a consultation prior to receiving the information to apply online.

*The Prison Ministry Fund is currently accepting applications from organizations regardless of the last time they received a grant from the Fund. Preference will be given to new applicants.



  • May 15-June 15: application period
  • July 30: applicants notified of decision
  • July 31: grant awards announced


Application Process

Contact Laura Watson at (336) 725-2589 or, to let us know you are interested in applying. She will then schedule a phone or Zoom consultation with you to learn more about the project and to ensure it qualifies.

This year, we are excited to announce that organizations will be able to apply online. Applicants will create an account for their organization and be able to log in to submit their application, see the award decision, and submit their grant report once the funds have been utilized. More information will be shared during the consultation.


MMFA’s grant program generally does not support:

  • Endowments
  • Debt reduction/deficit funding
  • Duplication of existing programs or services
  • Salaries


A strong application will demonstrate

  • The implementation of a new ministry or outreach that is clearly linked to the purpose of the chosen Field of Interest Fund
  • Strong rationale and significance of proposed project
  • Feasible timeline and achievable goals
  • Multiple methods for assessing and evaluating the project and its outcomes
  • Complete, accurate, and cost-effective budget
  • Steps to identify appropriate collaborative partners within the Moravian denomination
  • Sustainability beyond the grant period


Awards and administration

A Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) is responsible for evaluating grant applications and recommending to the MMFA Board of Trustees which applications should receive funding. The GAC is appointed by the MMFA Board and consists of at least one MMFA trustee, one MMFA staff member, and no fewer than five additional members.

All applicants are telephoned to be notified of award decisions. If the applicant cannot be reached via telephone, they will receive an email. Recipients are asked to announce their award after MMFA has made its announcement.

Checks are mailed as soon as possible after the announcement has been made, and recipients are asked to acknowledge receipt of all checks.

MMFA provides oversight for all grant awards. Recipients are required to submit a report which is provided via email approximately six months after awards are made. Understanding that a grant-funded initiative may just be underway, MMFA will provide the report again approximately ten months after grants are made, with the expectation that it be returned no later than twelve months from grant receipt. Consideration for future funding will depend on the submission of this report and whether a grant was used appropriately, and the project’s outcomes were as expected.

MMFA staff may also conduct site visits, interview participants, take photographs, and publish recipient stories.


For more information:

Please contact Laura Watson, Vice President/Director of Programs, at (336) 725-2589 or