Icon for the Moravian Healing & Health Field of Interest FundInspired by Matthew 25, “I was sick and you looked after me”, the Healing & Health Field of Interest Fund helps Moravian congregations, fellowships, emerging ministries, and agencies answer the call to provide wellness, healing, recovery, and comfort to those with physical or mental illness.

Since its inception in 2019 this fund has made 11 grants totaling $20,590.

Some examples of grants from this fund include:

Personal Essentials PantryMadison, WI$2,000Personal and household hygiene pantry inventory2023
Calvary Moravian ChurchWinston-Salem, NC$550Hand sanitizer units and hygiene stations2023
The DwellingWinston-Salem, NC$1,600Three cremation services2023
Lake Mills Moravian ChurchGreen Bay, WI$2,540Kitchenette renovations2023
You BelongGreen Bay, WI$2,600Provide respite care for individuals living with disabilities and support families who need to have quality respite time2022
City With DwellingsWinston-Salem, NC$1,000Partner with Forsyth Futures to evaluate CWD’s work, including collecting data, developing benchmarks and measuring impact2022
Trinity Moravian ChurchWinston-Salem, NC$2,500Undertake campaigns to purchase and forgive crippling medical debt in their community2022
You BelongGreen Bay, WI$1,000Teaching people with disability about mental health2021
John Hus Moravian ChurchNew York, NY$3,100Provide people in our community with health items2021
Board of World MissionBethlehem, PA$2,700Help Ahaus Clinic in Honduras provide treatment2021
Armando Rusindo Mission FoundationWinston-Salem, NC$1,000Send medication to Cuba2021


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