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We envision thriving ministries that glorify God, and one of the ways MMFA helps to realize this vision is through our annual grants program. MMFA’s grant program is funded by both the generosity of individuals who are passionate about a particular area of need and a portion of MMFA’s net income each year.

Grant requests often exceed the funds that are available. In 2022, 57% of applications were fully funded with an average award of $1,925 (excludes Hunger and Thirst grants which averaged $13,836). Please carefully review the Grant Guidelines and Procedures for detailed information. For questions, please contact Laura Watson at (336) 725-2589 or lwatson@mmfa.com.

The world is in need and God is calling you. Answer and apply!

MMFA Grant-Making Field of Interest Funds

Applications submitted for grants from MMFA’s field of interest funds should be for projects that address the fund’s area of focus. Preferred recipients include U.S. Moravian congregations, fellowships, agencies, missions, and emerging ministries.

MMFA’s field of interest funds include:

The following additional funds make grants in response to needs, but are not part of the current grant cycle.

  • Prevention of Violence Against Women Field of Interest: For those looking to prevent violence against women.
  • Salemtowne Designated Fund for Ministers, Missionaries & Leaders: Designed to help qualifying Moravian clergy, missionaries, and other church leaders with expenses related to entering and living at a qualifying Moravian retirement community.
  • Moravian Ministers’ Emergency Designated Fund: Helps qualifying Moravian clergy deal with unexpected financial emergencies.
  • Moravian Ministers’ Mission Designated Fund: Helps qualifying Moravian clergy with travel expenses associated with mission trips.

Featured Grant Impact Stories

Back yard pollinator and herb garden at Essentials Cafe
Donated food set out on a table outside
Growing Community. Grant from Hunger & Thirst Field of Interest Fund through MMFA
Men cooking. Bethlehem Area Moravian Freezer Ministry grant recipient.
Brad Johnson, chair of the Board of Trustees; Chrissy Johnson, elder; Dan Johnson, grant applicant; and Rick Hensdale, trustee, stand in front of the Solar Array, which is visible from the church, recreation building, and thrift store.
Exterior of Essentials Cafe

MMFA’s grant program is made possible only through the generous gifts of people like you. If you would like to support this work, please visit the Giving Portal and look for the field of interest and designated funds section.