What is a Field of Interest Fund? How does the Grant Cycle work?

Field of Interest Funds honors the best of our Moravian heritage of collective teamwork to serve our communities. Donors who have an interest in a particular type of ministry make financial gifts to the relevant Field of Interest Fund. They do this in faith, knowing that their gift will become part of a grant to a worthy applicant who has a well-vetted plan to do good. Furthermore, the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America (MMFA) provides oversight of the execution of that plan.

On the Moravian Day of Giving and throughout the year, these gifts accumulate in the grant-making Field of Interest Funds. Annually, MMFA facilitates a grant cycle. MMFA promotes and manages the grant application process.

A Grant Advisory Committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations for grant awards to the MMFA Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees makes the final determination on grant recipients. MMFA awards the grants and provides oversight.

MMFA reports results and encourages generosity throughout the year.

Which of these Field of Interest Funds would you be excited to support?


Hunger & Thirst                                         Environmental Stewardship

Housing & Shelter                                     Clothing

Healing & Health                                       Racial Awareness, Equity, & Reconciliation

Prison Ministry